Rttls Assignment 2

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ASSIGNMENT 2 You are required to work in groups of 5 to be able to complete this assignment. It is your responsibility to form a group yourself and select a group number from the number groups given below. Each group number relates to an issue and you are required to run with the stated issue. Then, surf the internet to search for information that relates to your group number issue, listed below. (Remember to copy URLs and dates of access to your bibliography). Each group member should identify an article/reading. Read the article, then critically analyze the article, contribute a paragraph outlining the main argument(s) and providing the appropriate referencing to your team members in the process of writing a group essay. It means a group consisting of 5…show more content…
How can parents reclaim their position as part of the school community? Group 2: Lack of competence on the part of a teacher has a negative impact on the way learners view their teacher and also often results in discipline problems among learners. Suggest ways in which a teacher can be regarded as a quality and effective teacher providing examples in your argument. Group 3: Teaching also goes hand-in- hand with the manner in which you conduct yourself as a teacher because you have to develop a certain atmosphere and quality when standing in front of your learners in a classroom. Discuss a situation/s in which you experienced your own school teacher displaying qualities of an effective teacher. Group 4: If the principal of a school is ineffective in providing curriculum leadership and in instilling a culture of self-discipline among teachers and learners, there needs to be support in the form of social and professional services. Provide examples of ways in which the community can also play a role in transforming the school into one displaying an appropriate culture of teaching and learning and
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