Rtt Task 1

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RTT Task 1 Western Governors University A. Nursing Sensitive Indicators As the medical field becomes more-and-more complex, it is crucial that the nurse does not overlook the day-to-day needs of the individual patients. It is very important that the nurse as a professional does not become so bogged down with the medical aspect that one loses touch with the patient as a person. What may seem very minute to the nurse, can be of great significance to the patient. If the nurse is not sensitive to these minute needs, it can cause the patient to be unable to trust the medical team meeting the needs, and understanding the importance of more serious issues. As a nurse, it is important to understand state and institutional policies regarding certain situations. Restraints are not recommended for this patient who is able to respond appropriately to questions and express needs. A nurse must consider the serious consequences that applying restraints may lead to, and with this knowledge, restraints would not have been considered. As a nurse it is important to make sure that tasks are being delegated appropriately to UAPs and they understand when they need to report problems of concern to the nurse. The CNA in Mr. J’s scenario did not take the reddened area on the spine seriously and reapplied the restraints and left Mr. J on his back after toileting. The nurse knows that areas of breakdown occur over bony prominences and the area of breakdown discovered should cause concern to the CNA as well as the nurse. With this not being reported to the nurse, no measures to prevent this from worsening can be implemented. Oftentimes a diet is used not only to complement treatment but respecting individual’s religious beliefs. As a nurse you encounter patients from all beliefs and are responsible to respect and comply with
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