Rsquo Vs Jefferson

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Kevin Hupe 9/2/2009 Period 6 Mr. Inge In the question of which viewpoint would have produced happy and productive citizens, Jefferson’s stands on top. Though Hamilton had many great achievements and was a brilliant man, his plan for the United States focused solely on the economy and neglected the actual welfare of the people. Bad decisions made in his time still affect our country today. Their gripes against one another would rip Washington’s cabinet apart, and would foreshadow the rifts causing the Civil War. Even when Hamilton was a kid, everyone could tell he was smarter than the average man. As a colonel in the army, he saw all the flaws of the confederation, from its lack of authority to its lack of a financial…show more content…
If you look at any major city today, you can see that pollution and crime is much more rampant than in the countryside, the farms and small towns. During the era of great factories, the workers made next to nothing, and were not inspired to produce much at all. A country based on small farmers, depending more on states rights than an all-powerful government, would indeed have happier and more productive people. As the farmers would do all the work on land that they own, and be able to see the benefit, they would be much more satisfied and motivated to work harder. Jefferson’s ideals were more firmly rooted in the Constitution, and would have been fairer to the entire country. The north did not deserve any of Hamilton’s programs; they still owed a war debt while the south had managed to pay it off. Obviously, if the south paid off their debt, Jefferson’s economic plans should have been adapted whole heartedly. Tariffs and taxes only prevent a farm from producing at full capacity, and as we can see by the revolutionary war, make no one happy. Jefferson believed that a class of wage laborers, dependent upon their factory bosses for their paycheck and lives, would be prone to unrest and political
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