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Good morning sir and madam of the board of studies, My name is Rachael Smith, and I am here today to convince you why the following two texts should be included in your list for the area study of ‘belonging’ for future HSC students. The two texts I have chosen to put forward to you today are firstly a visual text from the story book ‘A child’s garden – a story of hope” by Michael Foreman, and secondly an article from the Sydney Morning Herald “If only I had a perfect life in Melbeny” by Brigid Delaney. The Harvard dictionary defines the word belonging as ‘acceptance as a natural member or part’. However it is imperative that one considers that “Perceptions and ideas of belonging, or of not belonging, vary. These perceptions are shaped within personal, cultural, historical and social contexts. A…show more content…
The vulnerability of the young boy is depicted in the visual texts through images of barb wire fences holding him back from the freedom of the streams and hills of a community he once lived in. A young female child of similar age to the boy appears in almost every visual text, yet the juxtaposition is that the young female appears in colour and on the side of the fence that is without restriction. The sense of belonging is powerfully portrayed throughout the visual texts with the aid of a green vine that grows gradually on each page. In the end as a result, the grapevine represents a sense of belonging by allowing the young child to own a sense of community, as when the grapevine is in completion it connects the young boy to the young girl over the fence and the whole page brightens as he feels connected to the other side, where he feels he is most
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