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Gold,Accounts and Fire cape For >>>>>>After the two Runelabs ideas be updated by Runescape, lots of rs players try to give out their own suggestions to the new game content. Some of them are really brilliant so we are willing to reveal them to all the other rs players. Here comes one of them. Image here: After completing Dimension of Disaster, and enjoying the alternate world, having to build up from scratch in an alternate universe, it reminded him of an idea he had to incorporate Runescape classic and the modern world together. The quest begins with Dondakan from the previous quest along with his young friend Marley McRye. Dondakan recently completed his doctorate in dwarven engineering, so we'll call him Doc for short. Doc had invested his entire life's savings into the previous quest, unfortunately after mining thousands of gold ores, he discovered that the prive of gold had considerably dropped in recent years, it would take him decades to pay off his debt using his new gold mine. The adventurer will find himself helping Doc and McRye pay off heaps of debt, and find a new fortune with the help of Doc's new invention. A Time Machine. By combining an ordinary minecart with Doc's gold plated, Divination powered rails he can get the cart up to 141.6km/h and activate the gold flux comparator and zap the player into the past. Due to the fact that the dwarven city was being fumigated due to a strykewym infestation at the time' Adventurer will have to travel to the Dwarven mine north of Falador to build this device. The player will arrive in the very early years of Runescape, his task,to make sure that the transfer of items through time is possible, is to obtain a half full wine jug and return it to Doc. Hot Sell RS3 Gold/EOC gold: Runescape 65 M USD 18.98 Runescape

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