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Exclusive Interview Royalist- George Tablot By Abhishek Q: Welcome to Time Travelling Channel of Back to the Early Times of Canada. We had randomly selected a person in the time period between 1759 – 1832 last week, now he would come and share his life stories and describe his life after the American Revolution and the changes have happened. Just to remind everyone who’s new to this show: This Interview will not affect the history since we replaced him with a clone back at where he lives. And the person who comes here his memory will be erased right after the interview. So now let’s welcome George Talbot, a Royalist from 1810. Give a big round of applause to George Tablot. A: Hello everyone… Q: Hello, I believe the staff has explained everything to you. So, are you excited to be here? A: Yes definitely. It’s such a pleasure to come to the future. I never would imagine it could become such a wonderful place since my time. Q: Pardon my manners, is your name George Tablot? Would you please tell us about your history back before the Boston Tea Party event? A: Yes, I am George Tablot. And it's my pleasure to tell you my short history before the revolution. Life in Britain was pretty good, everything was well advanced and established compared to other parts in the world but it was a hard time as well. The people were a little strict and demanded taxes to live , which is okay at first but then they started to increase it to the point people have gone mad and had a hard time of taking care of their family. It was an act of open rebellion to the taxes that were being increased by Britain without our colonist approval. It was a rallying point for the Colonists. Q: So, George Tablot, this channel is a world-wide broadcast. 70 billion people are watching you right now! We would like you to share your life stories with us today. Now you are 50 years old.

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