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Q. An examination of the methods Shaffer uses to portray Pizarro, with particular emphasis on act 1 scene 10, act 2 scenes 7 & act 2 scenes 12 and their relationship to the play as a whole. The Royal hunt of the Sun is an atheist play which was first performed in the early 60s; the play very much reflects the spirit of the age. At this time there was a lot of protest against American Intervention in far away countries. In this play we are angry with the Spaniards though feel pity and sympathy for the Incas. This compares to what was happening in society around this time; Americans were stamping down on the Vietnamese & British stamping down on the Cypriots. In this piece of coursework I’m going to start with a very important scene which is a key role in Pizarro’s role in the play. Act I Scene ten, it begins with a long conversation between Pizarro and De Soto. To Pizarro the glory that comes with being a ruler is all rubbish, it’s no honour of achievement of his; he no longer believes in it where as De Soto very much believes in it. He envies young Martin as well as De Soto this is because he reminds him to much of himself when he was younger, he was optimistic like Young Martin is now, this was when he had the enjoyment of serving his country and had no worries about death. This is shown on page 17 (Act 1 scene 5.):- “You belong to hope. To faith. To priests and pretences. To dipping flags and ducking heads; to laying hands and licking rings; to powers and parchments; and the whole vast stupid congregation of crowners and cross-kissers. You’re a worshiper. Martin. A groveller. You were born with feet but you prefer your knees. It’s you who make Bishops- Kings- Generals. You trust me, I’ll hurt you past believing.” But when Pizarro realised he was going to die, it all stopped. Pizarro then disagreed with enjoying life, and death was his only thought and it

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