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Roy Spivey Roy Spivey is a short story by Miranda July dealing with the meeting between the narrator and a famous actor whom the narrator calls Roy Spivey. The meeting ends up having a crucial effect on the rest of the narrators live. Everything starts of as a coincidence; cause the narrator hadn’t planned to sit at first class, but she got promoted because she gave her seat away. She ends up sitting next to this famous actor who is sleeping, and then everything changes. Some sort of connection is established between them at the first eye contact: “I shut mine again and right away opened them, slowly, and he opened his, slowly, and our eyes met, and it seemed as if we had woken from a single sleep, from the dream of our entire lives.” (p. 1, l. 14-17) The narrator feels pretty devoted to this Roy Spivey, and it’s like time is standing still. The double use of slowly states this allegation. The following lines of the short story pretty much sets the relation between the narrator and Roy Spivey. “Me, a tall but otherwise undistinguished woman; he a distinguished spy, but not really, just an actor, but not really, just a man, maybe even just a boy.”(p. 1, l. 17-18) There is no doubt that she doesn’t feel like they are equal. She even finds it hard to define what he is, that places him further above her in the hierarchy between them. She looks at herself as tall but not anything else. The roles are some sort of switched between the genders. In this case Roy is the “goddess”. But anyway they are talking ceaselessly in two hours and she gets to know him and even gets intimate details about his personal life and his relationship with the beautiful starlet. This helps her feeling more comfortable. “When the meals were served it felt as if we were eating breakfast in bed together, and when I got up to use the bathroom he joked, “You’re leaving me!” And I said, “I’ll be

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