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Roy Spivey Sometimes people live in a dream world while their lives pass away, living as if the world was set on pause. This makes them unable to do simple everyday tasks that ought to be done. The short story is written by Miranda July and released in 2007. It’s about a woman who is upgraded to first class and therefore meets a celebrity that often acts as a spy. During the time of the flight they develop an interesting and unusual relationship. He is very open and even a little flirtatious, and in the end he gives her a slip of paper torn from a magazine with a phone number on, so that she can contact him, she accepts it well aware that he is already married. The protagonist is a dreamer because she sometimes stands in her living room for hours, unable to generate enough momentum to eat, go out, clean, or sleep. Before the transforming experience of meeting Roy Spivey she has low self-esteem and thinks that she is just a plain woman. Roy bites her, and she bites him, this salty experience helps preserve her and makes her able to step out of the dream world. “I felt warm and simple. Nothing could ever happen to me while I was holding hands with him, and when he let go I would have the number that ended in four. I’d wanted a number like this my whole life.” (Lines 106-109) After getting home from the flight, the protagonist finds herself flirting with the emptiness of the center of the room. She just stands there strategizing her next move which is not to move. Then she starts thinking about Roy Spivey in bed with Ms M. This makes her remember the number written on the curtains that was originally designed for a space shuttle. This is interesting because the number was originally written so that she could call Roy. Instead she uses the last and memorized digit as her lucky number. The lucky number helps her escape the dream world. The last digit becomes a symbol

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