Rowena's 'Innocence Of Animals In The Wars'

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Animals in The Wars By: Danny, James, Julia, Kristan and Stefanie [pic] Our Thesis: The presence of animals in the novel, The Wars serve as a constant symbol of Robert Ross’s innocence. Animals become the only innocent victims of the war, yet are still destroyed and tortured by humans. Each time Robert witnesses their obliteration, he is exposed to the cruelty and brutality of others. His innocence and humanity are deteriorated throughout the novel, until he evolves into an animalistic savage himself. Rowena and her Rabbits: By: Julia Rowena’s Innocence - • The character of Rowena serves as a symbol of innocence in The Wars, as her disability sheltered her from the surrounding world. • Her inability to walk constrained her to the limitations of a wheelchair, and forced her to be in the constant care of her family. • For the majority of Robert’s life, he acted as Rowena’s guardian and protector. • After the death of his sister, Robert experienced extreme guilt for not watching and protecting her. He undeniably blames himself for her preventable death throughout the novel. • The dependence Rowena has on her family is similar to the relationships many animals have with their parents; they…show more content…
The last source of innocence is through his interactions with animals, and his last attempt at salvation lies in his mercy killings of the horses and mules. His act of murder against Captain Leather is justified in the sense that: “If an animal had done this – we would call it mad and shoot it.” (203) Robert believes that the actions of Leather are inexcusable and his self-proclaimed execution is the same treatment an animal would receive. Robert demonstrates his oneness with animals through his final expression in the barn. “We shall not be taken.”
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