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Set Routines for Children Author Note Parents complaining about their children’s poor sleep routine have been a hot topic for years. Children, like adults sleep best when they feel safe in their environment and understand when it is bedtime. It has not truly been proven that routines are the fix-all, although they are a great starting point, especially for new young parents. A primary solution to assist with children’s sleep habit is to create a family routine, which does not guarantee perfect results, but allows the family the understanding and importance of schedules. This paper will provide insight on problems and solutions on assisting parents with obtaining a child’s sleep and daily routine. Many conversations held between parents are surprising since so many parents believe that their children run on auto-pilot, but in reality, children need guidance throughout the day so they stay on the correct path. Basically parents have to re-state the daily schedule to their children and provide a logical explanation to why the schedule is important instead of just using the old phrase ‘because I said so’, so they understand the necessity of schedules. “Reliance upon established routines may help to alleviate the stress associated with potentially disruptive transitions…” (Wildenger, L., McIntyre, L., Fiese, B., & Eckert, T., p. 69-70, 2008). Sleeping routines begin at birth and this is the time that parents need to start a routine with their child not only for their sleep schedule, but other tasks that reoccur daily. With the focus on sleep, parents need to start thinking about their future during pregnancy so when their precious bundle of joy arrives they are prepared to start functioning like a family with emphasis on daily routine changes. “Regular betimes and bedtime routines are a critical component of healthy sleep promotion in young child

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