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Writing Assignment 1 – Routine Informative Message (Draft and Revision) Also called positive/neutral informative messages or routine announcements, Routine Informative Messages are a common type of Professional Communication. To practice writing a Routine Informative Message you will write a one-page memo to employees announcing the new and revised employee education policies. Read the scenario below and present a solution in your own words, using your own analysis. You will not use all of the information included in the scenario. Some of the information will help you understand the context and implications of the document you create but would not be included in the actual message. Remember it is never appropriate to cut and paste entire sections from the scenario as a substitute for your own writing and thinking. Communication Scenario: Announcing an Employee Education Program You are the human resources director for Easy to Be Green (EBG), an innovative new company that helps homeowners, businesses, and municipalities become more environmentally friendly. EBG wants all employees, whatever their position, to be able to discuss with customers, at least in a basic way, the scientific concepts behind the company’s products and services. Therefore, all employees are given a thorough orientation and ongoing training in these concepts. However, the trainers have begun to realize that for this training to be successful many employees need background work in reading, writing, and math. In addition, because of the company’s rapid growth and because of continuing developments in the field, even employees with advanced scientific training are having trouble keeping up with new developments. Beginning six months from now, EBG will offer basic, intermediate, and advanced courses in reading, writing, and math. In the meantime, managers will evaluate

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