Routes of Adminstration Essay

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When it comes to the use of substances, weather legal or illegal, the routes of administration are many and varied. The route of administration is how a drug is introduced into the body. For prescription drugs the route of administration is designed with efficiency in mind. That is why prescription medications come in a variety of different forms and instructions. For example, some might say to take with food, or on an empty stomach, and some pills might have coatings to help them navigate through the digestion system. Other instructions may include times on when the medication should be taken, or other substances that should be avoided when using them. Illegal substances, and alcohol, on the other hand do not come with set instructions for their use. However the goal of using these substances is similar to that of using prescription medications; to get the drug into the blood stream and up to the brain. These can be accomplished in a variety of different ways, depending on the drug and the route of administration on choses. The ways in which a person decides to do a drug determines how quickly, effectively and how fast a drug enters the blood stream and makes it to the brain. There are several different routes of administration that a person can use. These include orally, smoking, snorting, inhalation, intravenously and topically, among others. Each route of administration affects the user differently and has a deferent affect when used. The route of administration also determines how much of a substance actually gets into the blood stream. For example, drugs and alcohol that are taken orally must first pass through the digestive system before being absorbed into the blood stream. Drugs that are smoked or inhaled on the other hand enter the blood stream quickly, through the lungs. The fastest way to introduce a drug into the body and receive the quickest,

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