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Rough Riders Essay

  • Submitted by: laurenjmonroe
  • on November 27, 2011
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Rough Riders Essay

When one thinks of the most notable presidents, it’s hard for you not to think of Theodore Roosevelt. A man all about change, he helped mold America into what it is today. Teddy formed the Rough Riders, a cavalry that is still thought of as one of the most renowned and diverse fighting forces ever assembled. Teddy highlighted and hunted many interesting attributes for the men in the cavalry Rough Riders that he himself also possessed, which made both parties very influential and memorable.
The characteristics of the rough riders as well as Roosevelt were very diverse, and they were chosen to fill positions based on their passion. The Rough Riders was a volunteer cavalry formed in 1898 for Spanish-American war. This first cavalry was the only, out of three formed, to ever see action (Mingus).   After various names were commissioned for the regiment, ‘Rough Riders’ is ultimately what this group of men would be named. This team was made of various men, Easterners and Westerners, Northerners and Southerners, officers and men, cowboys and college graduates, even Indians from various territories. Some even gave up college and the luxury of high society for the excitement of war. Despite their lack of cohesiveness, these men had one thing in common; they wanted to fight. Roosevelt said of his men “in whose veins the blood stirred with the same impulse which once sent the Vikings over sea” (Carr, pg 15).   These men assembled had a true desire for what they were doing. When initially establishing the regimen, many were worried there would not be enough applicants. On the contrary, men were actually turned down for admission in the cavalry. One example is the applicants from Harvard alone, “We had such a swarm in applicants, I could not take even one in ten” (Carr pg 7).   Roosevelt himself is similar in the way that he in fact was chosen due to his diverse persona and passion for change. Though being involved in the government from a young age...

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