Rough Draft Of Violence Essay

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Rough Draft of the Research Essay Rough Draft of the Research Essay Violence is referred to as a reference to anger or uncontrolled frustration using excessive force that is meant to cause pain or harm another person. It also means an onus of one’s will on another, against the other person’s will, consent or agreement. Violence does not have to be looked at as a physical aspect it also can be looked at as a verbal aspect as well. In this case a person can use harsh words to inflict emotional pain on another person. Around the world violence is looked at as a way of manipulation and the means for a person to have its ways with someone that does not want to perform an act by their own free will. (Centers for disease, control and prevention,…show more content…
Also there are many factors and possible risk that increase the probability that a child could turn violent on their class mates. Among these risk factors is the lonely child. Many children have been subjective while others have personal behaviors. Personal behaviors show that the child might have a problem with withdrawal, anxiety and depression, but others might have externalized behaviors which are expressed through anger and hyperactivity, which are directly linked to violence. A child with characteristic problems of behaviors like depression could result to violence according to (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011). Other factors that should be taken into consideration should be the home environment which is known to contribute the highest to school violence. A child that sees or is exposed to gun violence or domestic violence in a study performed by the organization (Written by Hammer, 2010). In different studies statistics have shown that children punished violently have a higher number of committing violent crimes
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