Rough Draft. Difference Between Novel And Movie Essay

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Assignment Description: Take any ‘pair’ of versions of the same story- either a Japanese film and its American remake or a novel/manga and its film version- and compare them. How has the narrative changed because of either the cultural change or the change in medium? Film and Novel I chose: Of Mice and Men – John Steinbeck Through my reading of the novel and then watching the film, I noticed few changes in the relationships between characters. Many of the scenes were cut and altered to emphasize the relationship between the main Characters. Relationships and Characters: In the novel the relationship between Lennie and George is depicted as a more brotherly love where both characters depend on each other. George depends on Lennie for companionship and to make his travels less lonesome, However he also see’s Lennie as his little brother that looks up to him; George is unprepared to let Lennie go off on his own travels as he feels he is mentally incapable of taking care of himself. George explains to Lennie how he could pack up and leave him at any moment, essentially abandoning Lennie to experience life as a free man, however, the fact George doesn’t leave Lennie show’s he depends on Lennie just as much as Lennie depends on him. I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you, and that's why." Chapter 1, pg. 14. In the novel we can see Lennie looks up to George, as he loves to hear the stories of the Ranch and tending the rabbits. Lennie hangs on Georges every word as a younger brother does. In the film the relationship is depicted as more of a father and son relationship as it seems it is only Lennie that needs George and not vice versa. The Characters physical descriptions are portrayed very well from novel to film, Lennie is described as a very big man, almost bear like, in the novel and looks as imagined in the film. He is depicted as a

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