Rough Callused Man Essay

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[pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] ----------------------- ❑ For three years, Sam was in the research lab. The book does not describe what happened to Sam during that time. It picks up from when Sam and the other dogs from the research lab escape the property. Sam ended up getting hurt from the escape. A rough callused hand man rescued Sam from the side of the road. The rough callused man took Sam home and nursed him back to health. The rough callused man strapped a soup ladle to Sam’s missing leg. Sam stayed with the man for a few months after he rescued…show more content…
When the owners from the dog show returned from lunch, they came back to a lot of flawed dogs but had no choice but to go out and still put on a show. Cassius was the only dog at the show who had not been altered any way. Cassius was going to win the show but then Sam came out looking like his formal self. He started to do the things he did when he won his first show. Cassius was mad and wanted revenge at that moment in time because he saw how Heidi still loved Sam and knew that Heidi would never love him the same way. Heidi then recognized him but could not believe her eyes because she thought Sam was dead. Heidi went to go get Sam from the crowd of dogs and ended up pulling off his fake legs and fur. For the first time since seeing Sam, she saw that he was flawed. Cassius played on Sam’s emotion at the time. Cassius told Sam that Heidi would not want him because he was not perfect. Sam ran from the competition. Sam did not hear Heidi call for him as he was running. Cassius was so jealous that he ended up running after Sam to kill. Sam and Cassius ended up fighting because Cassius decided to turn on Heidi. Cassius ended up losing the

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