Rote Learning Versus Meaningive Learning

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Rote Learning Vs Meaningful Learning Rote learning can be defined as a memorization technique based on repeating the material again and again till you get through with it and begin to memorize. The idea behind the rote learning is that one will be able to quickly recall the meaning of the material the more one repeats it. Some of the alternatives to rote learning include meaningful learning, associative learning, and active learning. Rote learning is generally based on only repeating of the topics, and not the clear understanding of the topics. Rote learning methods are generally used when quick memorization is required, such as learning one's lines in a play or memorizing a telephone number, also some students opt for rote learning instead…show more content…
Remembering a particular phone number, dates, and names are examples of rote learning. Repeating material again and again helps a learner recall it exactly as it was presented. Stuff that doesn't relate to anything else is learned by rote learning method. Meaningful learning on the other hand is tied and related and integrated to previous learning. Needless to say meaningful learning is generally more powerful and interesting. Rote learning does not give you any meaningful learning experience and you are not sure of utilizing that information for some practical use. Rote learning is like singing along with a sing playing on your I-pod or radio and after a couple of times you start to pick up interesting lines and slowly you realize that you have learned the whole song. Some other examples of rote learning may include: • School topics where rote learning is frequently used include phonics in reading and especially fill up at the time of test. • The periodic table in chemistry, you cannot have reason for every element placement in the table, hence most of the time students end up cramming the position of elements in the periodic table. • Multiplication tables in mathematics, that most of the students learn by rote methodology. • Anatomy in medicine, there is no reason for the general human anatomy and you cannot find any other memorization technique for the anatomy. Hence only technique left is by rote…show more content…
Meaningful learning in today's competitive world holds the key to success. These days it is not just your grades that matter to be successful; it is something more than that. These days in interview you are tested on your practical skills and practical knowledge before looking at your result cards. Once you clear your interview level based on knowledge and facts, then only you are asked about your grades and qualifications. Hence proper knowledge is must for anyone to be successful these days. Developing a capability of 'learning to learn' and higher-level thinking skills is a life-long practice and must be hones on a continual

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