Rosemary Dobson Poem

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ROSEMARY DOBSON “Confidence is what we get when we take fear, face it and replace it.” This quote by Tim Fargo defines discovery as continuously having the sense of mind to be intrigued by curiosity and anticipation. Good afternoon fellow classmates and staff members. Rosemary Dobson, one of Australia’s award winning poets who have recently passed away in 2012, explored and demonstrated her love of art and antiquity in her poetry through an economical and very visual style of writing. Dobson is also known to write very much like an imagist poet. Henceforth, through Dobson’s poetic vision, readers discover new insights and experience through curiosity and maturation. As one could argue that Dobson is very much like an imagist poet, as they are very visual and highly subjective, they have a haiku tone to them in terms of their…show more content…
The opening sequence of Tropfest is a point of view shot of a young soldier. The solitary gun shot it juxtaposed with a solemn and reflective voice over of the young man narrating his personal letter to his mother which also contrasts with images that are seen on the screen. This has the effect of giving the viewers a mental thought of the fear that the young man may have experienced and also what was going through his mind at the time. Throughout the video, a video cam is located on the helmet which gives the viewers a sense of immediacy. There are flashbacks shown of evocative memories about the peaceful living back where he lived which are juxtaposed with images of agricultural struggle to emphasise the value of home. In saying this, the film is about discovering a more perceptive outlook on the value of life and the persona experiencing the broader world and its
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