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ROSEMARY DOBSON “Confidence is what we get when we take fear, face it and replace it.” This quote by Tim Fargo defines discovery as continuously having the sense of mind to be intrigued by curiosity and anticipation. Good afternoon fellow classmates and staff members. Rosemary Dobson, one of Australia’s award winning poets who have recently passed away in 2012, explored and demonstrated her love of art and antiquity in her poetry through an economical and very visual style of writing. Dobson is also known to write very much like an imagist poet. Henceforth, through Dobson’s poetic vision, readers discover new insights and experience through curiosity and maturation. As one could argue that Dobson is very much like an imagist poet, as they are very visual and highly subjective, they have a haiku tone to them in terms of their exactness of observation and level of detail. Take Wonder for instance. It is an ekphrastic poem which is a commentary of a visual piece of work referencing to something else, which in this case is her admiration of art. Here she uses images of death and conquest to convey the evocative and intrinsic feeling one gets when discovery is experienced for the first time. In saying this, Wonder has a haiku feel as it deals with paradox to develop its visual imagery. For instance, tactile imagery is shown through the onomatopoeia of the word “flicker”. This gives us the mental image of how the motion of art works. The alliterative paradox, “dazzled with darkness” continues the motif of silence inherited in the poem to suggest that the insight gained through Wonder is intrinsic and incommunicable to anyone other than the individual who experiences the perception. Also, the first stanza of Wonder displays a moment of intense concentration through the words “there” and “here”. This also emphasizes the curiosity and amazement that forms as it is

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