Rose for Emily Analysis

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A rose for Emily is a special story, which has the lurid appeal and bleak, chillingly atmosphere, or we can call it Faulkner’s “ghost story”. The story has the Southern Gothic style that had wild, frightening scenarios. There is no doubt that Emily Grierson is an interesting character. We feel pity for her, but when we finished the story, the fearful feeling appears. Born and raised in a royal family, Emily was fully controlled by her father until he died. The consequences was more severe. By isolating her from the social when he was alive, he wanted to make sure that his daughter didn’t have any lovers or even husband and this way of life followed Emily throughout her life, until her death. The writer described fully about Emily’s house which its features suggests the mind of the woman: dark, shuttered and dusty. Although, she was trapped in her father’s regulation, Emily still a woman and had her own desires. She tried to break free, when her father died. Trying to dispose the image of a royal, educated and dutiful daughter, and, nearly thirty years old, chased her own desired for love and sex. The setting also make Emily Grierson becomes lost. This is the struggle between the traditional and modern. Emily is a tradition, firmly staying over years despite the changes in her treatment with the community. She represents for the tradition people that wish to the honor. However, she is a burden and cut off from the society. Becoming an eccentric that other people cannot understand. There are many indications that Emily is a tradition. She refuses to build fences and have metallic numbers attached to the side of her house when the town receive modern mail service. The alderman and new, younger generation of leaders try to break the agreement about taxes between Colonel Sartoris and Emily but failed. The turning point occurred when Emily met Homes Barron. They loved

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