Rose for Emily

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Death in “A Rose for Emily” William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily,” is a tragic story filled with death. Death is a huge theme in this story which is evident as five deaths are revealed. Emily’s inability to accept the passing of her father greatly foreshadows the deaths of her loved ones in her future. Death is evident in Emily’s fading physical appearance and the depletion of her social class. Faulkner conveys the theme of death in “A Rose for Emily” by concealing the death of Emily’s lover, Homer, and later revealing that Emily kept his body upstairs. Death is the most important theme in “A Rose for Emily” because of the five actual deaths, Emily’s social death, and Emily’s inability to accept death. There are five deaths in “A Rose for Emily”. The first death is Miss Emily Grierson. The reader is not actually told how she died, the only explanation given is she fell ill in her house and died as a result. Faulkner explains that the whole town went to her funeral because she was a fallen monument for the town, but then goes and says the women just went to see what was in her house. The next death revealed is the death of Colonel Sartoris, who was dead for a decade but Emily refused to believe it. Faulkner then introduces the death of Emily’s father; an event very important to the story. Also mentioned in the story is the madness and death of Emily’s great- aunt, old lady Wyatt. The final death introduced in “A Rose for Emily” is the death of Homer Barron, a foreman and what was thought by everyone in the town to be Emily’s future husband (A Rose for Emily Themes 1). The numerous deaths in such a short story confirm that death is the main theme Faulkner wishes to convey to his readers. The death of Emily’s father and her inability to let him go foreshadows later events in Emily’s life. Faulkner shows us early on, without giving away the ending of this
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