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Literary Analysis “A Lonely Heart” “A Rose For Emily”, by William Faulkner, is a story of woman named Emily Grierson, who was seemingly crazy and had an issue with letting go. She had a controlling father and was very sheltered which some believe caused her to act in an irrational manner. The fascinating narrator of "A Rose for Emily" is more rightly called "first people" than "first person." Usually referring to itself as "we," the narrator speaks sometimes for the men of Jefferson, sometimes for the women, and often for both. In the story “A Rose for Emily”, there was a timeline of events that lead to the assumption that Emily was indeed a disturbed and lonely individual. All of her life, Miss Emily was sheltered by her father who was overbearing and would not let her date anyone. Throughout the story, you could see the influence Mr. Grierson had on his daughter. The author talks about Emily standing in the doorway, while her father would be in front of her “silhouetted in the doorway, horsewhip in hand, having chased off another of Emily’s suitors”(Faulkner 790). That indicates that clearly Miss Emily’s father had issues with letting his daughter make decisions for herself. Whether he truly loved his daughter or not, that type of love, if you can even call it that, can do damage to a person’s well-being. Maybe Miss Emily was afraid to think and live for herself because of being controlled. In turn, it could be that after dealing with years of having an overbearing father, Miss Emily did not know any other type of love Strauser 2 and became dependent on her father. After Mr. Grierson died, the women of the community visited Miss Emily to offer their condolences. She then tried to tell them that her father was not dead. That indicates that she obviously was in denial and had a hard time coping with the fact that the person who ran her life was not there

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