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Rose For Emily Essay

  • Submitted by: mcrbuskw112
  • on November 23, 2009
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Below is an essay on "Rose For Emily" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Debra Bronstein
English 1B
Literary Terms for Vocabulary Quizzes

I will choose 12 words from each section for the poetry vocabulary quiz, drama vocabulary quiz and short story vocabulary quiz. All of these words appear in the Glossary of the Norton Introduction to Literature. You will need to know the definitions of these words; however, I would prefer that you could put that definition in your own words, so I can see you understand what it means.   Do not memorize word-for-word every definition. That won’t help you know how to use these terms in your essays.

Poetry Quiz: Wednesday 9/9 at the beginning of class
Allegory Connotation Iamb Parody           Spondee
Alliteration Controlling Metaphors Iambic Pentameter Personification           Stanza
Allusion Denotation Irony Petrarchan Sonnet       Technopaegnia
Ambiguity Dramatic Monologue Lyric Rhyme Scheme Trochee
Analogy Enjambment Metaphor Rhythm
Assonance Epic Meter Satire
Blank Verse Figurative Octave Shakespearean Sonnet
Caesura Free Verse Onomatopoeia Simile
Concrete Poetry Heroic Couplet Oxymoron Sonnet
Confessional Poem Hyperbole Paradox Speaker
Drama Quiz: Monday 10/5 at the beginning of class
Ampitheater Subplot
Chorus Temporal Setting
Classical Unities Theme
Comedy Thrust Stage
Dramatis Personae Tragedy
In Medias Res Unity of Time
Stage Directions
Stock Characters

Short Story: Monday 10/26 at the beginning of class
Antagonist Flat Character Rising Action
Antihero Foil Round Characters
Centered Consciousness Hero/Heroine Situational Irony
Character Initiation Story Third-Person Narrator
Characterization Limited Point of View Tone
Descriminated Occasion Narrator Turning Point
Dramatic Irony Omniscient Point of View Unlimited Point of View
Exposition Plot   Unreliable Narrator
First-Person Narrator Point of View villain
Flashback Protagonist Voice

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