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Exercise 1. A group of researchers intend to determine the monthly expenditure of households in Taman Orkid. The breakdown of the households according to ethnicity is shown in the following table. |Ethnic group |Number of household | |Malay |120 | |Chinese |100 | |Indians |60 | |Others |20 | The researcher plans to select randomly 20% of the households from each ethnic group. a) State the population for the study. b) State the variable for this study. c) State the sampling technique used. 2. The Student Affair Department of a university is interested to find the average amount of pocket money received by each student per month. Initial information showed that the amount of pocket money received can be summarized as follows. 600 students receive high amount (RM500 and above) 1500 students receive medium amount (RM300 < RM500) 500 students receive small amount (RM200 < RM300) 400 students receive very small amount (less than RM200) a) State the variable of interest. Identify if the variable is qualitative, quantitative discrete or quantitative continuous variable. b) Construct a question each with the following level of measurement. ❖ Nominal ❖ Ordinal ❖ Ratio c) State the most suitable data collection method. d) Describe the selection of a random sample of 500 students using systematic sampling method. e) If the sampling technique in (d) is used for this study, can inferential techniques be used in analysing

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