Rosaura and Maya

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Emma Schrunk 4/12/13 6th Hour Writing Rosaura and Maya Comparison and Contrast Paper In Some societies, today or in the past, upper class people have power over younger members of the lower class. Rosaura is a young Spanish girl and Maya is a young African-American girl. They both their innocence stolen by the upper class, as they are both part of the lower class. They are both similar and different in more ways than one. Both of the young girls were lower class and had their dreams crushed harshly by the ruthless upper-class people. “It was awful to be Negro and have no control over my life. It was brutal to be young and already trained to sit quietly and listen to charges brought against my color with no chance of defense.” (Page 617) These kids were born into the position of so called powerless lower-class. As young children they were being trained to be quiet and do what they’re told. “Señora Ines, motionless, stood there with her hand outstretched. As if she didn’t dare draw it back. As if the slightest change might shatter an infinitely delicate balance.” (Page 175) The line between lower and upper class seems to be a line that could break with the slightest off-set. The girls could be stronger and have a better place or a way to achieve a better place, but they are minorities and cannot survive by themselves. They were powerless in their positions. Rosaura’s situation is unique from Maya’s in noticeable ways. “’Listen, Rosaura,’ she said at last. ‘That one’s not your friend. You know what you are to them? The maid’s daughter, that’s what.’” (Page 171) Rosaura’s mother works for the Ines family, in their manor, as a maid. Rosaura is invited to Luciana Ines’s birthday party. Rosaura is thrilled to receive this invitation but her mom tries to tell her the truth. Rosaura is misleading by her young and deceived mind. While she thinks she’s being invited
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