Rosa Parks-Dairy Essay

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Dear Diary, Today was one day like no other. This African American Woman boarded on my bus earlier today and sat the neutral section. (Where both Blacks and Whites can sit after all the seats in there section are filled up) Even though she seemed like a very nice and shy lady, something about her made me fill awkward. Just a few stops later, some Whites boarded the bus but there was no more room so I told some blacks that needed those seats. So everyone around the lady, named Rosa, got up like the law says except for Rosa, she refused. Since she refused I told her that I would have to call the police but she didn’t care, so I did. Finally when the police arrived I overheard them asking her why she didn’t obey me and she said that she was tired of the segregation between Blacks and Whites but I just told the police to go ahead and arrest her. So they did. Ok, wow, interesting day I would have to say. After thinking about what happened today I really have changed my thoughts of segregation. I now can see how Rosa would be tired of the division between Whites and Blacks and what they can or cannot do. So, I can actually say that did learn something today, that segregation does nothing to help our Country, State, or even City. That’s why I now look up to Mrs. Rosa Parks and can’t wait to see what she does with her life in the long run (after jail at

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