Rosa Parks Annotated Bibliography

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Sanders, V. (2006). Rosa Parks & the Montgomery Bus Boycott. History Review, (55), 3-8 This article illustrates several controversies related to Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The article describes that Rosa Parks was not a tired lady who refused to give up her seat and how the Montgomery bus boycott was not the first time black community opposed segregation. The journal, History Review, is a national academic journal with illustrations, for collegiate history students. Published tri-annually, History Review is written by academic authors and historians. The author, Dr. Viv Sanders has written several published books about race relations. She is Head of History at an educational institution in the northeast. This article from History Review is useful as it presents accurate facts about Rosa Parks and her contribution to the civil right movement. The article also provides a clear understanding of the Montgomery Boycott from start to finish. Shipp, E. R. (2005, October 25). Rosa Park, 92, Founding Symbol of Civil Rights Movement, Dies. Retrieved March 14, 2013, from>& In this newspaper article, the author writes about Rosa Parks’ incredible achievements during her lifetime and her death in 2005. Shipp uses direct quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. about Rosa Parks close friend Elaine Steele. The article is a current source and is reliable because the author used direct quotes from ahistorical figure, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as well as a close friend of Rosa Parks. This source is popular but not necessarily scholarly. The article provided several pictures which helped the flow of the article. By addressing the common reader, this source could be used as information for an introduction paragraph, as its material is usually main stream and
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