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READ: POLICE REPORT Head Note: The police who arrested Rosa Parks filled out this official report about the arrest. Date 12-1-1955 Complainant: J.F. Blake (wm) Address: 2 7 No. Lewis St. .... Offense: Misc. .... Date and Time Offense Committed: 12-1-55 6:06 pm Place of Occurrence: In Front of Empire Theatre (On Montgomery Street) .... We received a call upon arrival the bus operator said he had a colored female sitting in the white section of the bus, and would not move back. We (Day & Mixon) also saw her. The bus operator signed a warrant for her. Rosa Parks, (cf) 634 Cleveland Boul. Rosa Parks (cf) was charged with chapter 6 section 11 of the Montgomery City Code. Warrant #14254 Officers: F.B. Day, D.W. Mixon Division: Patrol Time: 7:00 pm Source: Police Department, City of Montgomery. December 1, 1955. warrant: a written authorization to carry out an arrest police report: an official record filed by police about each incident they handle. (cf): "colored female" (wm): "white male" complainant: a person who makes a formal accusation against another Parks Police Report Image of the police report generated when Rosa Parks was arrested on December 1, 1955. Affidavit Report SOURCES: Report Affidavit READ: COURT AFFIDAVIT Head Note: This sworn statement was submitted to the state court when Rosa Parks appealed her conviction. Rosa Parks, Appellant VS City of Montgomery, Appellee Appealed to Court of Appeals of Alabama From: Circuit Court of Montgomery County Feb. 12, 1957 Affirmed--[illegible signature] Agreed Stipulation of Facts Attached hereto and marked Exhibit "A" is a plan of the seating arrangement of the bus on which the alleged violation occurred. There were thirty-six seats assigned for passengers. Just prior to the alleged

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