Rosa Parker Civil Rights Movement

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Short Term We could all take a lesson from crayons: Some are sharp, some are beautiful, some have weird names, all are different colors; but they all have to learn to live in the same box. Rosa Parker had a hard time fighting for rights of her own and black community, black community also united themselves for their rights and ultimately efforts of them paid off. She fought against injustice of Whites and after her great efforts and decisive attitude, she got black community united and got rights which every human deserves. Black community before the Civil Movement were given no rights and always were victim of inferiority. Her efforts for rights is example for anyone in this world to strive for own legal rights. Rosa Parker fought for not only her seat but her rights from which she was deprived because of her black color. She lost her job and was arrested because of her protest for her seat in bus. She was living…show more content…
With the passage of time this mass movement of Blacks seemed to be more effective. They even got decision in their favor from lower court which was overruled by higher court later. Association formed by Blacks decided to boycott bus service and because of most blacks using service, bus service suffered huge loss. It meant Black Community Movement started by action of Rosa Parker started to pay back and their efforts were not in vain. There’s no Success without efforts. Success always wants some efforts and commitment. Rosa parker ignited a fire which burned all injustice imposed by the Whites on Blacks. Atlast all the hard work of Black Community gave them the rights they always deserved. They were treated inhumanely before but their struggle changed society and forced them to respect Blacks as well. Blacks became an integral part of American
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