Rop Careers with Children Essay

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Dainty Center Write Up Stepping foot into Dainty Center brought back the innocent and happy child in me. I haven’t been there since I graduated back in 2000 and everything has changed (besides the teachers). When I was a student there I learned so many life skills and my teachers taught me right from wrong. Well it’s no different now! My teachers are still there and the life skills being taught are still there as well. When I worked in the 2-3 year old room with Miss. Tiff I had learned an extra ounce of patience and balance in me then before. In Miss. Tiff’s class room she keeps the children happy but also kept with in their good morals. When I worked in the infant room with Mrs. Vadea I have learned that I don’t always have to pick up the children when they are crying, because sometimes they will cry just for attention or to be held, and we do not want to give them too much attention. If they get too much attention they will not know how to function on their own. When I worked in the toddler room with Mrs. Marney I have learned that toddlers’ emotions and behavior can change instantly without any warnings of temper tantrums. Some of the toddlers I worked with are gentle but quiet a few like McKenna, Ally, Brielle, and Athena are the cute but “ready to explode at any moment “type of girls. These girls would hit, bite, scream, and throw tantrums at any given second for any reason. This has taught me to keep a special eye out for certain behaviors throughout children and to keep to the right and wrong that my teachers taught me. I had an amazing time coming back to my old school and won’t be gone

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