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Grandparents are always loved by their grandchildren and their children . Often times, if a child doesn't get along well with their parents, you can guarantee that they will always have grandparents to fall back on. It is amazing how a grandchild and a grandparents love for each other can be so strong when they have so many years between them. Grandparents are often there to assist their grandchildren with many things. Some of these things include family issues, social issues, and financial issues. They are very wise people, and can offer lot of advice. Sometimes they may do things that others wont understand; however, they are still loved nonetheless. In the short story “Roommates” by Max apple, the grandson and grandfather are roommates and they have a very strange relationship. Although they are alike in some ways, they are also different. It can be contested that what he lacked his grandfather made up for and vice versa. His grandfather was a symbol of survival. When the grandson was in a time of struggle, the grandfather made up for what he lacked. Although the grandfather was still living in the past, he was ready, willing, and able to survive the present. He knew what it took to get through anything. According to the story, when the grandfather came home from work after twelve, he would be getting ready for bed in the dark. The grandson would come into the room and turn on the lights to remind him that they had electricity for the grandfather to use. The grandfather was so accustomed to living without out lights. He has been through so much throughout his lifetime that basic things don’t concern him. What did concern him were the people at his job at the bakery, stories of war that he watched on the news and other minor things that he couldn’t really change. The things that he could change, he made sure he changed those things without any further

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