Roommate: Friend or Foe… or Maybe Both?

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What if one day, you had a busy and a stress day, where you were mocked by your team leader, and fussed with your seniors then when you just arrived at your room, and you were surprised. You saw your trusted roommate, put on your John Master t-shirt and laid down sleep peacefully on your very own bed with your Macbeth shoe on. What will you do? You expect that he can help you with all your problems, but somehow he increased your blood pressure. How will you act since then? Or what if one day, after all the heavy lectures and assignments given by your lecturers and your girlfriend just dumped you on that day, you walk home with a hope that your roommate able to help and provide solutions on your problems. Then something shocked you as you opened the door. You caught your roommate watching ‘goodies’ with Patron bottles all over the floor. Having alcohol and porn inside the governmental properties is a bad idea. No, its worst! The higher authority will assume you ‘enjoying’ it together with your roommate and of course you will be exiled along with your ‘loyal’ roommate and you are staining your face with charcoal. But luckily you don’t have any heart problems. Or what if, he will be your roommate for the next 5 and half years? You are doom. This conflicts happen all over the world and it is not possible if it will happen to you. You really need helps from your roommate but instead of helping you, he devastated you. Yes, this is what can I reflect from the studies. Roommate is the person that shares the room and the closest one to us. The first human being that we see when we awake is him. But sometimes, for some reasons, we argue or even fight with them. There are few solutions on this problem. Talk to him. We know that communications always work. By having conversation, it helps each party to understand each other and learn to accept. Maybe you can set an outing

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