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Name: Cardin irakoze period: A Date: May 5,2012 The issue of bullying may seem like something that should not be taken seriously, and it is quite often something we are all prone to neglect. If you place yourself in the shoes in the victim, the issue is in fact not a joke, but surreally serious Being personally targeted by others whether in school or out of school can tend to have a negative effect upon the victim, and may not always have a great turnout. The issue of bullying can be quite serious when it comes to this day in age. The effects bullying can have on its victims is something that may last throughout their lives, or something that may end their life. Bullying can affect everyone those who are bullied, those who bully, and those who witness bullying. Bullying is linked to many negative outcomes including impacts on mental health, substance use, and suicide. It is important to talk to kids to determine whether bullying or something else is a concern. Kids who are bullied can experience negative physical, school, and mental health issues. Kids who are bullied are more likely to experience, Depression and anxiety, increased feelings of sadness and loneliness, changes in sleep and eating patterns, and loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy. Decreased academic achievement GPA and standardized test scores and school participation. They are more likely to miss, skip, or drop out of school. Kids who bully others can also engage in violent and other risky behaviors into adulthood. Many kids who bully think highly of themselves. They like being looked up to. And they often expect everyone to behave according to their wishes. Children who bully are often not taught to think about how their actions make other people feel. Those kids who bully are at risk for school failure and dropout and for committing criminal acts later in life. They also are

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