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Eonia Hutchins 9/20/13 Death Penalty Room 226 Death penalty is a punishment for a person who committed a crime. However capital crimes and capital offenses will lead people getting the death sentence, which is basically an execution. Most people believe in the death penalty, while others don’t. I strongly don’t agree with these cruel punishments to kill people. Therefore I don’t think a person who committed a very brutal crime doesn’t deserve to die. Furthermore it is believed by most people that, if someone commits a crime, it is unforgiving and they believe the person should die and pay for what they have done. In addition to that I do believe a person who committed the crime, should get a punishment based on their conviction. The 8th amendment states that “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual…show more content…
The death penalty as it stands in this nation cannot be fairly and equally applied to all people due to the natural differences in predicate crimes, jury requirements, appeals and actual use. In addition the death penalty denies owed process by preventing an appeal based on new evidence after death by the fact that a dead person cannot be retried. For these reasons the death penalty is unconstitutional under the 14th amendment's equal protection and due process clauses. Death Penalty is not the way to handle a punishment at all. When did the government have a right in the way of life and death situations? No matter how provoked the person is, you shouldn’t kill them. People talk about how it helps because then you wouldn’t have to be paying for inmates in jail. All our taxes aren’t just for inmates it is also used to pay the debts people owe. Governments need them, to pay off war supplies etc., even if all the inmates were wiped out, we would still have to pay taxes. So yea I agree for the fact that it very much is cruel and

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