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Yari Bueno Humanities IV February 14, 2012 Society: Helping or Hurting? Society has a strange way of reacting to certain situations. They hear news stories on television and want to know more and more. They pry into people’s lives that obviously need the privacy at the moment. This can be very damaging to people and does not help what they are going through at all. In the book Room, Jack and his mother are held captive in a room until they make a daring escape. After their escape, they are thrust into a society of people’s curiosity, selfishness, and lack of knowledge towards their situation, making their transition from prisoners to functioning people of society very difficult. In the book, Ma and Jack’s escape sparks interest in the community. People are in awe that a situation like this has occurred in their own backyards and want to know more. They want to know what life was like for them, how they survived, and how they are coping now. News reporters press them at the clinic where they are staying at and ultimately force Ma into doing an interview that she was clearly not ready for. What the people do not understand is that pressing on the situation is just making it harder for Jack and Ma to lead normal lives. Jack is dealing with the shock of a new world in which he has never even known existed. On the other hand, Ma is dealing with all the changes that have happened since her abduction and the struggles of reliving her situation. Although people mean no harm, they do not realize that that is exactly what they are causing. The curiosity in people is in a way ridiculous. They take things to an extreme by prying into people’s live with paparazzi following them everywhere and people leaking news to the media just to gain notoriety. Instead of helping, they are hurting the situation. Another weakness to society is people’s selfishness. People are selfish,

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