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Room 101 “Three Things I Hate The Most” I am not a very hateful person as there are not many things in life I have to hate but in all my life I have never wanted to put anything into room 101 more than these three things. The first of the hated objects is a rather strange hate and many people drive by one every day without giving it a second glance. A balcony that faces a busy road! Why? I am asked this by many people as I am in the car as we drive past. Well it’s very ridiculous in fact! Do you understand that an architect has taken the time to imagine and design it and then a builder get the supplies and then build it? All of this absurd planning gone to waste as no one will use the foolish piece of architecture. Well I certainly wouldn’t! Why should a person enjoy inhaling fumes of carbon dioxide while sitting out on there “luxurious” balcony? I certainly have no hate with balconies that face a busy road and have a lovely view. As they have a sight to behold in fact I have seen lovely big balconies that face the sight of the whole city near Glasgow green. Unfortunately I have to see the nicely designed and horribly placed balconies that face the backstreets of Cambuslang five days a week on my journey to school. As much as I hate the balconies I have an equal hate with something that Im sure everyone has had done to them of this generation. Every child I know has had this scenario played out for them. You are sitting watching your favourite programme. You are into the thrilling scene and you are at the edge of your seat waiting to find out what is going to happen but all of a sudden you are distracted by the door swinging open at the corner of your eye. Your parent appears and they begin walking over to your seat. Now you are distracted and all eyes have been taking off the programme and placed on the figure proceeding to your seat. They

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