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Ronnie Donnie Andy Batto November 2nd, 2011 Ronnie Donnie Lavesque, the most ostracized child you could ever see. In reality he was very nice kid who would love to socialize but he had some very odd hobbies. He knew that people would not understand his hobbies, but he made a choice early in life that he valued who he was and what he did over what people thought of him. You are probably thinking how odd could his hobbies be? Some of his hobbies are playing with toads and stamp collecting, but by far the weirdest hobby was collecting dead ravens. This sounds ridiculous but it actually get a little worse; he would fix them up as art work an put them on display. Even when he was mad fun of or ignored for what he does he didn’t change it because he likes doing it and it would be changing who he is. exact Ronnie knows the point in his life where decided who he is more important then how people he saw him. He was 14 and just moved to a new neighborhood and a new school. On the first day of school he had a great day. He got along with everyone and made quiet a few friends. They spent ever recess playing and laughing. When he went back home a saw that a few people in his school lived in his neighborhood that all changed. They saw him do all the weird stuff he did, playing with toads and stamp collecting, and worst of all collecting dead ravens. The very next day he went to school and all the people that talked to him the day before didn’t anymore. They ignored him and even made fun of him. He realized what happened but didn’t car, he liked his hobbies. A few months later and much had changed. The carnival was in town so his parents to him to it. At every carnival there his favourite ride was the ferris wheel. so that’s what he went to first. So he got his ticket and went into the line. When

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