Ronald Ross Case Study

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This is the case of Ronald Ross of West Oakland, Ca. Ross was charged and convicted of a crime he did not commit. He was with charged and convicted of attempted murder and assault with a firearm in a shooting that took place in West Oakland. Mr. Ross was convicted due to sloppy police investigation. He was sentence to serve a prison sentence of 25 years to life for the shooting and attempted murder of Renardo Williams. Williams was shot in the ribs when he heard a knock on his front door and opened it. Williams said that he opened the door and there three men standing at his door and one of them shot him. Williams had been arguing with a young man by the name…show more content…
Steven Lovell was the primary lead investigators on the this case. St. Lovell did not investigate Steven Embrey, instead he reached the criminal database system to find anyone that was connected to the apartment where the shooting take place. That is when he found Ronald Ross. Ross had been in the criminal database for a previous minor drug offense and he was linked to the apartment building next door to Williams's house because his mother lived there 10 years before the shooting. That was the only thing connected Mr. Ross to the apartments. Sgt. Lovell took the photo and put in a line-up to shoe Mr. Williams the line while he was in the hospital. At first Williams did not pick Ross out the line-up but Sgt. Lovell convinced him to pick out Ross. Because Ross could not remember if it was the playoff basketball game he was watching, they arrested him. At the trail, the testimony Steven Embrey Sr. and Steven Embrey Jr. was a false. Steven Embery Sr. was arrested on another crime and was in

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