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The Speech of Ronald Reagon: The Way to Oppose the “Evil Empire” On January 28, 1986, there was a national tragedy for American population – a tragedy that was marked by death of seven talented and professional spacemen. The well-known space shuttle “Challenger”, which aimed to take its tenth flight, exploded after several seconds of successful launching. The most shocking and terrifying moment of American space industry was broadcast via live translation to millions of Americans – evidently, they were absolutely shocked when the accident took place. In the moment of absolute sorrow and social shock, the head of the United States, Ronald Reagan, had to address some critically-important, encouraging and inspiriting words to own citizens concerning…show more content…
Although it was difficult for families of dead astronauts to believe in emotional words of Reagan at once, they had heard the most important words from President to be satisfied lately: the Challenger Seven's death was not in vain, but on the good of future America. Seeing and listening to Reagan's speech today, it is possible to perceive the entire fullness of emotional regrets and worrying about every fallen life in American land. Evidently, the sincere regrets, however, were only the important emotional privilege of President Reagan – the reader may clearly feel the confidence and persistence of Ronald Reagan to firmly stay on his feet even after the big tragedy. In fact, Reagan was not the man of yielding or compliant character. In own intentions to fight and overcome the roots of communism the 40th President of America was ready to take any sacrifices in order to realize the political objectives. It can be noticed within the optimistic phrases of President: “We'll continue our quest in space; there will be more shuttle flights and more shuttle crews and, yes, more volunteers, more civilians, more teachers in space; nothing ends here...” (Reagan). The intentions and aspirations to be ahead of Soviet Union in space industry played into Reagan's hands, although sometimes it was necessary to step over some human lives (Stuckey

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