Ronald Reagan's Speech 'A Time For Choosing'

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Annalisa Clark ENGL 111 Sanders September 22, 2013 Rhetorical Analysis In Ronald Reagan’s 1964 speech entitled “A Time For Choosing”, rhetoric is used in attempt to persuade the audience that the government is beginning to have all control over our lives, and change is necessary for the good of their children. Rhetoric being, Ethos, Pathos and Logos are used in attempt to persuade and many times appease an audience. Reagan uses all three in order to succeed in his goal of persuasion. At the time of this speech, Ronald Reagan was merely an actor and an ambassador for the Republican Party, but his respect among the party was quite vast. He often did speeches at the Republican National Convention and at various presidential campaigns. This unspoken credibility, or context, is established even before he makes this speech. The audience he was speaking to were those at the Goldwater presidential campaign, his audience were people belonging to the Republican Party and maybe those that were on the fence between the two parties. Though,…show more content…
His use of ethos, pathos and logos in this speech and others, made it effective enough to land him a spot as Commander in Chief. He used ethos in a way that gained the respect of his audience in that he took on the role of being one of them. By using logos he made them realize what they as the Republican Party stand for. With his use of pathos he appeals to their emotional side but making them believe that change is for the sake of their children’s livelihood. Ronald Reagan’s speech “A Time For Choosing” was intended to persuade his audience to believe the wrong-doings of the government, and persuade he did. Works Cited Federalism and the New Conservationism. “A Time For Choosing”. Ronald
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