Ronald Reagan Vs Jimmy Carter

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Throughout history, America has been lead by various leaders each having unique characteristics. Each personality touched various people among the different classes. Some leaders went down in history in a positive manner while others went into the history books leaving a legacy of disaster. Two unique presidents of the twentieth century included Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. Each person was unique and appealed to the American people in different ways. In comparison, Mr. Carter did not appeal to the masses of people like Mr. Reagan managed to do. Personality, experience, beliefs, policies, and how they related to others determined their popularity. James Earl Carter grew up to become a little-known former governor of Georgia. His peers…show more content…
Jimmy Carter wanted to address the outdated portions in the original Panama Canal Treaty and replace the treaty to accommodate current issues. This new and improved treaty would slowly give possession of the canal from the United States to the Panamanians. His political opponents saw this as a give-away. Mr. Carter also appointed a young African American by the name of Andrew Young to serve as United States ambassador to the United Nations. His greatest political achievement was the creation of a treaty between Egypt and Israel. Later in his presidency, the middle-east Iranian oil production was halted because Islamic fundamentalists had taken over. This led to the second biggest worldwide oil shortage of the decade which made oil prices increase. For the remainder of his presidency, he dealt with the captivity of fifty American hostages in 1979. They were captured by Iranian militants that took over the United States embassy in Teheran. A rescue mission was approved by Mr. Carter that had to be aborted because of a helicopter breakdown. The American public felt that this failed mission was an example of how his presidency was failing. Therefore his popularity went to an all time low. Ironically, when Ronald Reagan became president, he was able to orchestrate their release. Their release occurred the day Mr. Reagan was inaugurated and this sky-rocketed his popularity. At the height of his popularity he pledged…show more content…
During Mr. Carter’s presidency, the inflation rate began to rise and affect the United States economy. He tried to correct this rate by conserving oil but he failed on both accounts. The inflation rate during his presidency reached a new height of thirteen percent. This higher inflation rate slowed our economic growth that in turn raised interest rates. This disgruntled the American public more and his popularity decreased even more. When Mr. Reagan took office he tried to take care of the problems the economy was having at this time. In 1982 America suffered the worst recession since the 1930s. The unemployment rate reached eleven percent. At the same time, the recession and a fall in oil prices, made the thirteen percent inflation rate go to less than four percent. He was opposed to labor unions violating contracts and penalized them greatly. He also created various tax reductions, including one that was a twenty-five percent reduction in personal income taxes. The top income tax rate was reduced to twenty-eight percent. Because of Reagan’s adjustment to the American economy, in 1983 our economy started to recover. He was able to reduce restrictions on the economy and place more money in investors and wealthy Americans accounts. During this era we invested more money into the military in order to make new weapons. The contrasts in each president’s administration and their political

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