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Ronald Reagan Doctrine Rachel Gifford POL 300 Professor Biparva Strayer University 02/05/2012 Ronald Reagan was the 40th president; his presidency was one of volatile situations in U.S. and Soviet relations in the nuclear arms race. Reagan’s opposition to U.S.-Soviet arms control negotiations gave way to a more agreeable approach with Russia and finally concluded with the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force (INF) agreement and established the foundation for the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START). However the nuclear weapons reductions still remain unfulfilled today (Looking Back: The Nuclear Arms Control Legacy of Ronald Reagan, 1997-2011). The Reagan Doctrine is the belief there is nothing but evil and no one can be trusted and will do whatever it takes to aid their cause in the world. The Soviets would have to be bricked or scared out of doing wicked things. The American government believes in God but because communist countries do not we cannot be trusted to keep our word about anything. Yet there are countries such as Iran who are God-fearing people but still we do not trust them because of the belief that they are barbarians and would do anything to take over the world. The Iranians however are reluctant to trust us because we do believe in God. We call ourselves Christians while Iranians are called Moslems. Both sides consider it a holy war and win it any way they can, however Reagan was more about the Soviets than anyone else (The Reagan Doctrine, 1981). Although President Reagan’s doctrine seemed to fit right in with the United States’ 40- year plan to contain the Soviet Union, it was really different. Instead of using a more defensive method as the presidents’ had done before him in order to limit the spread of Soviet power. Reagan’s doctrine used more of an offensive method. By liberating Grenada, which some thought to be insignificant, Reagan

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