Ronald Reagan Book Review

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Analysis of Jules Tygiel's: Ronald Reagan and the Triumph of American Conservatism In Jules Tygiel's biography titled, Ronald Reagan and the Triumph of American Conservatism, Tygiel's main point is to show readers how Ronald Reagan's transformation from considering himself a Democrat to transferring to the right side of the political spectrum. He illustrates how at one time Reagan fully believed in ideas of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the beliefs of the Democratic party, but later on in life Reagan began despising the beliefs and ideas. Tygiel shows how Reagan transformed in to a Republican and how he later on won Americans over with his conservative outlooks for the country. Tygiel gives the reader a very thorough understanding of how Reagan managed to win over Americans who at one time had been against conservative beliefs. Reagan had considered himself part of the Democratic Party early on in life. Reagan had been in favor of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his ideas, but one has to wonder if Reagan had not been so adamant on agreeing with his father's beliefs if he would have explored other ideas earlier on. It was not until his father's death in 1941 that Reagan started looking at politics more in depth. Tygiel writes that after his father's death, "he also would be able to explore other political options without his father's disapproval" (47). It was not until well after his father's death that Reagan started strongly reevaluating the governments ideas and the Democratic party. Reagan's transition to a Republican was a slow one. Tygiel writes, "He still identified himself a Democrat... Like many liberals, however, he had lost his tolerance for communists and rejected the possibility of political alliances with party members" (68). An example of Reagan's transition from Democrat to Republican is during the time in which he was being succumbed by debt. On
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