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Michael Mulcahy Mrs. Cherepko Honors M.U.S.H. 12/3/08 A Ronald Reagan and the End of the Cold War Ronald Reagan entered office determined to reform foreign policy from détente with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) to a stance of peace through strength. President Reagan and his administration set a new policy toward the Soviet Union with objective to be the victor of the Cold War through a plan summarized in NSDD-32 (National Security Decisions Directive) (“Ronald Reagan Biography” pg. 3). Ronald Reagan thought it was very important to prevent communism by all means. This was demonstrated via the strong economic and military reinforcement of the Contras versus the communist Nicaraguan regime, the assistance provided to the government of El Salvador in their battle against the communist guerrillas, and the help offered to radicals fighting Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan (“The Reagan Presidency” pg. 2). “Reagan portrayed a world populated by good guys (including “freedom fighters” in Central America and Afghanistan) and bad guys (Communists, except the Chinese, and “terrorists,” a new threat that had emerged during the 1970s)” (Rosenberg pg. 275). Reagan’s administration won the Cold War for the U.S. by decreasing Soviet access to high technology, by increasing American defense procedures, and by supporting anti-communist groups around the world. The Cold War was a significant legislative and financial venture for more than forty years, however the confrontation among the United States of America and the Soviet Union decreased drastically by the conclusion of Reagan’s presidency. President Ronald Reagan followed guidelines that displayed his belief in liberty, and produced adjustments nationally, both to the financial system and the armed forces, and greatly contributed to the conclusion of the Cold War during his term as president. Reagan entered

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