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Outline 1. Introduction 2. Early life of Ronald Reagan 3. Professional life of Ronald Reagan 4. Life as a politician ❖ Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Campaign ❖ Major successes as a politician i. Ended the cold war and made the West Victorious in the same ii. Revolutionized American Presidency iii. Reaganomics iv. American hostages in Iran v. Money markets vi. Other achievements ❖ Failures of President Ronald Reagan i. Iran- Contra Affair ii. Federal Spending vs. national output 5. Social life of Ronald Reagan 6. Last days of Ronald Reagan 7. Conclusion Introduction Ronald Reagan was the 40th president of the United States. He was, perhaps, the most successful president in world’s history. His presidency saw the United States of America obtain sustainable economic stability and it also gave citizens trust and confidence in White House. These advancements are, arguably, the threshold of America’s economic success. By using appropriate economic policies, President Reagan helped to reduce both federal spending and taxes in the United States and by doing so he attracted a significant amount of investment in his country. Although he has his own school of critics, Ronald Reagan made such a great contribution in the United States that his success as a president can be compared to very few presidents in the history of the United States. His confidence in what e believed in was very instrumental in his success as a president since with great communication skills, he made his ideas known and let people express their views of his opinions. He was able to fight Soviet Communism until its effect in the U.S. was negligible. He led the United States in the rivalry that existed between the U.S. and the Soviet Union and ultimately made the U.S. win over the Soviet Union. He is also credited for making the West

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