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Ronald E. McNair Ronald Ervin McNair was born on the 21st of October in 1950, in Lake City, South Carolina to Carl and Pearl McNair. Ronald McNair’s life was a challenge, yet was still overcome. He grew up in a small town in South Carolina. Despite the poverty and explicit discrimination in the south at that time, McNair was still able to excel academically. He was an intelligent child who could read and write at the age of three, he was always ahead of the other students in the town’s segregated school. During that time, he was given the nickname “Gizmo” because of his mechanical brilliance. Ronald was always fascinated by space, but his love for space began when the Soviet launched, the first space satellite, Sputnik. As Ronald grew up, he and his brother picked cotton and cropped tobacco to help their family’s finances. Their father taught them auto body repair, so that they would always have a profitable skill. But with his natural intelligence and strong encouragement from his mother, a high school teacher, McNair graduated as valedictorian from Carver High School and won a college scholarship from the state. In 1967, he enrolled into North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro, North Carolina. When it was time to determine a major, McNair was debating on…show more content…
In 1977, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration mailed McNair an invitation to apply for their space program. Usually, astronauts were selected by the ranks of test pilots, but the organization was searching for a new breed of astronaut, scientists. This time McNair was not hesitant of this offer. He was confident that if NASA was sincere about their offer, he would be accepted. He was correct; out of 10,000 applicants, he was one of the 35 selected. He joined the space program in

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