Ronald Goldfarb Jail Book Review

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Jails In the book called Jails: The Ultimate Ghetto Of The Criminal Justice System, author Ronald Goldfarb tells of the horrors inside many of the jails around the 60's and 70's. It explains how the government ran a competent jails, how to control a riot and prevent escapes, and how to run the nuts and bolts facing jail personnel. Author Ronald Goldfarb tells us that jail is not a prison. A prison houses convicted criminals, and a jail is essentially a pretrial detention center used to hold people until they are tried. Ronald also mentions how people are forgotten and lost in the jails for weeks and months after they could have been legally released. The people usually in these jails is people who are denied bail because of serious offenses, or poor people who can not afford to pay the bail to be…show more content…
Ronald mentions a friend of his who said that, “The jail is for the poor, the streets is for the rich.” Most of the people in the jails are in there because of drunkenness or because of drug use. Ronald mentions a jail in Georgia where he noticed horrible conditions and no privacy and no activity at all, artificial air and light, and nothing at all to do day and night. He talks about some of the jail buildings located around the nation. He said that most of the one’s he visited were out-of-date and were in need of being torn down. In Ronald’s book he basically says that there are three types of people who typically go to the jails for long periods of time. He also tells of the adverse affect that these people have on the well being of a county or town. The first is the confinement of the sick. He mentions diseases like heart ailments, tuberculosis, venereal disease, dental problems, diabetes and psychological problems. These diseases eventually make it way back into the public and has a negative influence on everybody in the town. Narcotic addicts is the other type of person in jails. This group of people continue to rise
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