Ron Clark Essay

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Paper Topic: Summary: Ron Clark Movie Ron Clark tells the true story of a young teacher that leaves his comfortable hometown in North Carolina to work in New York City. After searching for a while, he gets a teaching job at Inner Harlem Elementary School where he chooses to teach diverse group of poor and undisciplined students. Mr. Turner, the principal, tries to convince Clark to teach the honor students where he will have more success. Clark insists on taking the class because he is confident he can change the class from being so disruptive and unmotivated to become more respectful and good students. He soon realizes that his diverse group of poor students is embroiled in a careless and aggressive attitude toward any authority figure. Without the positive support of family members and low academic expectations from school administrators and teachers, Mr. Clark tries to teach rules and high social and academic expectations. One of the rules is that the class is a family and no one is quitting on each other as long as they have respect for each other. He tries to show them that learning can be fun when they cooperate with each other. As the students read books and did their homework, they began to recognize the value of school. Furthermore, Mr. Clark implements an unusual orthodox, out of the box instructional teaching strategies to motivate students. He goes through ups and downs with the class but at the end his students were able to pass the test with honor and distinction. Edward_James_Olmos portrays the real-life Jaime Escalante, a no-nonsense mathematic teacher in a tough East LA high school. Handed a classroom full of "losers" and "unteachables," Escalante is determined to turn his young charges' lives around. Drawing from his own cultural heritage, Escalante forms a bond with his largely Hispanic student body, evoking the names of famous Spaniards
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