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romulus my father Timeline of immigration from world war 2 Until the present The sense of vulnerability ub australia in the post-war period prompts leaders to popilarize the phrase populate or perish. the 1040s German, italian, and japanese nationals interned in work camps during ww2 19450 1st commonwealth immigration department is established. - Arthur Caldwell, as its first minister, drives the 'Non-European Policy' into effect. - Schemes not used since 1800s, are used in order to attract british subjects to australia. -1947 - 1000s of displaced europenas arrive. -Bonegilla reception and training centre is opened in northern victoria - 1949- 'Commonwealth nationality and citizenship act established. Australians are no longer british subjects. - Snowy mountains hydro-electric scheme begins - Aust pop - 7,579,358 /Vic pop 1950s - Australia signs immigration agreements with over 20 european countries - 1955 - No of post-war immigrants to australia reaches 1 million - Asian refugees and longstanding residents can apply for permanent residency - Non-european spouses of australian citizens can apply for citizenship -1958 - Migration act abolishes the dictation test and introduce an immigration entry permit system - Immigration reform group founded- Advocates the abolishment of while australia policy Aus pop 8,986,530 Vic pop 2,452,341 1960s -1/2 of immigrants come from countries other than great britain -Restrictions on non euro immigration eased by a liberal govt, permitting family and reunion, and skilled professionals -1965 Labour removes white aust policy from party platform Late 60s Avg of 6000 immigrants arriving from asia year aus pop 11,550,462 Vic 3,216,526 1970s 71- bonegilla reception and training centres closes -Largest numbers of immigrant groups are from italy, greece and britain -Gough whitlam in govt- all

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